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Rephethile Kgwale SA’s rising Motivational Speaker and founder of Matters of the Brain campaign

“Successful people are not gifted; they just Work Hard then Succeed on Purpose” by Rephethile Kgwale. Rephethile Kgwale the founder of Mental Health Magazine and a motivational speaker, A believer and contributor of women empowerment and social development. Raised in Soweto and given an opportunity to explore her talent in the arts gave her confidence […]

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Handling rejection as a musician.

If you can’t handle hearing “no” from time to time, you’re probably not going to get very far in the music business. Any independent artist with any talent is going to be passionate about their music, and that’s a good thing. But rejection is part of the game, and you’ll run into people who don’t appreciate, […]

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Convert Listeners Into Fans

If you want to get anywhere in music today, fan interaction is a major part of it. There are so many options in music, and so many ways to obtain it (legally or not) that fans are only going to be loyal to musicians who truly give something back. This is a problem that we see more […]

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