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Rephethile Kgwale SA’s rising Motivational Speaker and founder of Matters of the Brain campaign

“Successful people are not gifted; they just Work Hard then Succeed on Purpose” by Rephethile Kgwale. Rephethile Kgwale the founder of Mental Health Magazine and a motivational speaker, A believer and contributor of women empowerment and social development. Raised in Soweto and given an opportunity to explore her talent in the arts gave her confidence […]

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Battle Rapper Tech 9 dies

One of the hottest MC battle rappers right now Tech 9 (not to be confused with the rapper Techn9ne) has passed away. Tech 9 was a battle rapper who had been powerful in his community for over 10 years. Though he never branched over to mainstream, radio rap music, he was well respected by many […]

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