Rephethile Kgwale SA’s rising Motivational Speaker and founder of Matters of the Brain campaign

“Successful people are not gifted; they just Work Hard then Succeed on Purpose” by Rephethile Kgwale.

Rephethile Kgwale image; courtesy of facebook

Rephethile Kgwale the founder of Mental Health Magazine and a motivational speaker, A believer and contributor of women empowerment and social development. Raised in Soweto and given an opportunity to explore her talent in the arts gave her confidence to be part of this forever evolving industry. A producer and creative at heart Rephethile’s ability to think logistically and creatively gives credit to the process of production. Her managerial, organizational, problem solving and decision making strength makes the production process flawless.

Her client liaison communication skills are always aimed at maintaining a standing and healthy relationship with clients. “I knew my purpose was to be in an industry where relationships meant everything and keeping constant personal interaction for personal growth. I started this industry at age 21 with the aim to become the greatest film maker”.

Rephethile is currently a motivational speaker that advocates for mental health and she is also  a firm believer in empowerment through her campaign called Matters of the brain which aims to eliminate the stigma around mental health in the black community, churches, workplace and school, she believes in contributing to the growth and change to the youth of South Africa.

Educational Background

  • Bachelors Degree in Motion Picture Production: Tshwane University of Technology. 2013
  • National Diploma in Media Studies: Boston Media House ( Advertising & Radio/Video) 2011
  •  The National School of the Arts: Classical Music Major 2008 • UNISA: Classical Music Practical/ Vocal & Theory Grade 7 2008

To learn more about Rephethile Kgwale, kindly follow her on your favourite social networks:

  1. Personal Facebook Page: 
  2. Mental Health Magazine Facebook Page: 

Listen to her interview on 702 Radio podcast click link for listening

Kasi Music Magazine

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