BlaqVerse Response to TheBlacksmithed/LonzTooToned

There is beef between Blaqverse and LonzTooStoned/TheBlacksmithed which resulted in the following to be posted.

Article by TheBlacksmithed:

Blaqverse’s response:

Blaqverse decided not to complete the whole story on the genius lyrics as he intends that people who have knowledge of what transpired to add their perspective.

Please find the link to Blaqverse’s diss video to TheBlacksmithed and LonzTooStoned.

YouTube Link:

The video consists of shots taken in 2013 and compiled to make the video. The video is at the intended quality and editing.

The video is meant to be rough around the edges and is used to send a message to TheBlacksmithed and LonzTooStoned.

Here is the story.

TheBlacksmithed released a beat tape in May titled “Sounds From The East” and I contacted them asking if I can continue with the concept of the beat tape, being it that only Eastern Cape producers were on it, and I was gonna make a tape with only Eastern Cape rappers. They agreed and I told them I’m gonna name it “Voices From The East” to show that it’s a continuation of their project just at a rappers angle. As they agreed I started marketing the project online and altered the cover art they had used so that people are aware that it’s a continuation of the same project.

One close associate of theirs told me that they saw that I had used their cover art and said that they didn’t have much of a problem but say that I should have communicated with them to use it but otherwise I may proceed. So I continued marketing and trying to communicate with every producer on the “Sounds From The East” tape to get a feel of where they wanted their each beat to be directed.

During this time TheBlacksmithed used the close associate of theirs to communicate to me that the is a beat that they would like me to rap on and possibly include in the tape I was gonna make. I gladly took the opportunity and proceeded to work on it.

I then communicated with LonzTooStoned about his beat on the tape but as soon as I mentioned beats to him he thought I was talking about a beat tape that he had recently made and TheBlacksmithed uploaded on their site by mistake. LonzTooStoned started going at me for using his beats without his consent typing in capital letters and all but when I tried to explain that it’s a beat from the beat tape he released for free with TheBlacksmithed he got more confused and thought I was still referring to his individual beat tape. Out of frustration of him not giving me an opportunity to explain I told him off which is seen in the screenshot he posted.

After that I sent the track that they had given me specially to do because they had asked me to release it earlier so they could gauge the overall quality of the tape. After that they told me that they have a problem with me using their cover art and that I should change it so I told them no problem I understand and told them I will also change the name of the tape to “Voices From The Beast” and we all were happy about it and I even showed them new cover art and they said they liked it.

I then won I competition I entered called #OMGWAP talent search by Old Mutual and was picked as the top three, the only one from the Eastern Cape. Three hours after it was announced that I was picked then the article appears accusing me of theft. Mind you TheBlacksmithed follows every artist in the Eastern Cape so they learnt of my winnings immediately.

The articles deepest accusation is that I wanted to sell the tape to people and they based that on a poster I made for my launch of the tape where I had written: “First 20 will get free CD copy”. I had made the hard copies for free distribution at the event and never intended to sell my debut mixtape. I mean who would buy a tape of an artist they barely know.

In the article they talk about influence and being ” put on” which to me suggest some foul play and targeting on their part. They went on to send me an email saying that I must apologies to LonzTooStoned and to the Eastern Cape hip hop community or they will proceed to block me from engaging with them and not put me on their site or my music. I told them that I feel that they are biased and that they published the article without consulting me which shows how unfair it was for me. They then removed all my music on their site and didn’t wait for me to apologies.

I feel that the is more than just me using their cover art, telling LonzTooStoned off and supposedly selling the tape. I mean TheBlacksmithed is a media site and they are supposed to stay impartial but they got themselves immensely involved in the dispute between me and LonzTooStoned and went on to pick sides instead of reporting the issue.

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