Open letter to AKA and Cassper Nyovest by Harold Moyo


As a hip hop fan and someone who understands the power hip hop culture has in our society and young people I gave myself liberty to write this to you.


Firstly I would like to tell you that I respect your work ethics, strategies, consistency, boldness, perfection and faith in yourself. You have shown and it doesn’t need to be proven that you are the greatest hip hop artist to come out of Southern, East and North Africa to date. There are guys we respect and who embody great elements of hip hop like Proverb, Tumi, Pro Mkhize and HHP who did well and continued to help build a foundation for SA hip hop but you took it to another level. It’s no secret that you have chess moves and you have a vision for your music of which many hip hop artist lack and that’s commendable. I remember meeting you at the SA Hip Hop Awards nominees announcement ceremony two years back and you told me how you wanted to get into Africa more and conquer it before you try and rush to America or the UK which was not your focus. Now as we speak you’ve been to most parts of Africa, USA and UK which is something many people can learn from.

Be faithful with what you are given and work the ground you have until it’s too small for you and bigger opportunities come your way. What our young people from SA and Africa can’t learn from you AKA is your passion to fight with artists and coming out as rude to the public! I know you have loyal fans of which I was one of the people who bought your albums and I hadn’t purchased any mainstream hip hop album in almost a decade, this album was suppose to be past platinum by now. I know you might say you don’t care but many people want to support you and buy your albums but whenever I have hip hop conversations many say your attitude suck. The businessman that you are should know what builds and what damages his brand. You are on the right track but you should be doing Zahara and mam Brenda Fassie sales. Stop beefing with artists and fans, ignore those who hate you for the sake of hating you. You are going far, you are only on album no 2, you can be celebrated even better by this nation but fix yourself.

Cassper Nyovest

Young lion, a success story every child from the hood can relate to and feel encouraged by. Dude you are on your first album but you made waves with two singles and went platinum in eight months which is a milestone in SA hip hop. I would like to applaud you for not giving up on your dreams and also continuing to push boundaries which have been set for SA Hip Hop by the industry. You have won people’s hearts and the industry has shown that they have your back and that’s a blessing. These are the issues I have with you. Stop playing the victim card all the time. – the industry has supported you. – Ignore AKA and do honour him for who he is in the industry. Now that you say you believe in God and you post scripture on your timeline and say God is good more often, more is expected of you. – Your humility shouldn’t be questioned by your contradictions. – Stop subtly inciting beef, whether it’s you boasting about how much you earn (Which is not Christ like) or you saying you are biggest Motswako artist ever when someone mentioned Khuli, HHP and Tuks (where is the humility?) – If you want to emulate Christ and for the world to take your faith seriously then you better get your game up bro.

I know Jesus loves you the way you are but I’m talking to a Christian so I can be as real as I can be so people won’t think Christianity is a joke. – I would like you to invest time in growing as a Christian and understand the true meaning of Christianity. – God is good yes but he has beef with crude Language or treating His daughters like whores in your music. – He has beef with you making money a god and boasting about it. – He has beef with a lot of things we think its okay to do but He is a MERCIFUL God and He wants you to use your platform wisely. I’m not saying I’m perfect, no one is. But continue to inspire our youth and start desiring God truthfully and stop beefing with any man and most important God.

All love

Harold Moyo


Kasi Music Magazine

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