Written by Max Solomon

After many years of listening to local underground artists such as Mr Douw, Rheebongs, Buntu Jobela, Vegita, Dangatye, Simphiwe Kasi Rap, King K Bone, Catalyst, Simbone, Dj Gibbz, Earl and Agemi etc… I’ve noticed that most artists get a large fanbase in their respective townships and think that they’ve made it, whilst they’ve not.

So in this article I just want to pin point the mistakes that artists make, the ones that make them not to SELL or Break into the mainstream industry.

Mic Test

The road to stardom is long, filled with potholes. Things are all fun and games when you’re practicing in a garage and doing tiny gigs…. but if your career starts to take off, you need to watch out!

1 – Skipping Gigs

Last year I organised an event in my hometown and tried to invite local acts from surrounding towns, but the guys from that town didn’t pitch for the event, even after paying them upfront.

So do  you want to propel your career in the music business?                                                                     Become known among promoters as a flaky act. Miss more than a couple gigs without literal acts of god as an excuse, and you’re likely to get blacklisted among any decent gigs in your area.

Professionalism on the business side is probably the single MOST important skill for an act to cultivate. Whatever else happens, the show must go on.

2 – Feuds with other Artists

Now, there are feuds and there are “feuds”, If you wanna do the pro – wrestling thing and have some good-natured trash-talk on Twitter like Cassper Nyovest and AKA, that’s one thing. However, never let it become, and be willing to apologise first if feelings get hurt.

By and large, you’ll get much further in the business making friends with other artists rather than making enemies.

3 – Staying At Home

Don’t think for a moment that because you’ve got a couple of downloads on the internet means that live shows are a thing of the past. If anything, demand is only going to grow for live music specifically because pre-packaged stuff is easily-available. Plus, most of the most profitable artists in history are known far more for their live shows than their albums e.g. Lecrae (Two time Grammy winner)

So in closing, What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve seen a hot new artist make? Let us discuss this on this thread and try to help our artists make informed decisions when it comes to their music career.

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