Profile: Get to know Buja Douw “Mr Douw” from Somerset East, EC. #HipHop

DouwBulelani Douw is an upcoming hip hop artist from Somerset East in the Eastern Cape. His stage name is Mr.Douw which is taken from his surname.

Mr.Douw can rap and he is also a vocalist, he started with his music in Somerset East were there’s no resources to make it in the music industry but that didn’t stop him. He then moved to Uitenhage were he got signed to Indigenous Records and dropped an E.P titled “ITS ALL ABOUT THE DOUW” in 2013 – 2014 which did very well and got International views.

He has performed in big event such as the Boombpap sessions in Uitenhage and the BILTONG FESTIVAL in Somerset East. Mr Douw is a hard working artist who wants to touch people’s hearts through his music and is now currently working on his mixtape titled DIAL042.

In the meantime you can checkout Mr. Douw at or

For booking call 0742648734, follow him on twitter @Mr_Douw and like his page on facebook “ITS ALL ABOUT THE DOUW”.

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One thought on “Profile: Get to know Buja Douw “Mr Douw” from Somerset East, EC. #HipHop

  1. Wow I knw Douw since he was in grade 8 I was his life oriention (lifeskills) teacher I new he was going big he use to have a gang back than I must say I am so proud of him we still in contact I am his ever biggest fan u go boy divine will always watch ur back


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